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Film & Television Production Company

MEDIAQUEST, is a Film & Television Production Studio, with more than 30 years of experience in the Entertainment and Advertising industry, in countries such as the United States, Mexico and Spain, which through healthy entertainment seeks with its contents, dignify the man and the family, bringing values to the world of entertainment.  

"The cinema should be a healthy and moral distraction that arouses noble feelings, because a nation that indulges in entertainment that offends the sense of honor and morality is in danger of losing its greatness and the civility of its society."             Pope Pius XII

Antonio Peláez its founder, studies cinematography in the city of Los Angeles, later venturing into Hollywood as a writer, producer and director.   Produces and directs more than 260 hours of television at Sunset & Gower Studios, and writes and directs his first feature film “Crystalstone”, distributed by Disney and winner of 7 international awards for best film and Best First Feature: The Golden Award Houston International Film Festival.  The Golden Halo Award California Motion Picture. The Golden Award of Excellence of Film Advisory Board. The Golden Award Academy Family Films and The Golden Award of The 20th. Festival of the Americas.

Along with his wife Laura as Executive Producer,  make "Xplorando" , a television series of thirteen adventure programs for the Disney Channel, awarded by UNESCO for its content and production values. In 2007,  MEDIAQUEST under the executive production of Laura Díaz and Enrique Ramírez, made "When things happen", a film written and directed by Antonio Peláez and nominated for three Silver Goddesses. Film distributed by Gussi for the United States and Latin America, and Urban Films within the framework of the San Sebastian Festival, acquires the rights for Europe, Africa and the Asian continent. 


In 2010, MEDIAQUEST made “1531” , a historical docudrama about the Guadalupan Event,   which was widely distributed   internationally.  MEDIAQUEST, makes a second docudrama entitled “Witnesses”   that presents a series of people who met Jesus Christ and who, after his resurrection, answer the question that a day Jesus made them:  “And you, who do you say that I am”? Witnesses,  marketed internationally in 2018.

Throughout its history as a production company, it has carried out entertainment, corporate and commercial projects for companies such as: Disney, MGM, Televisa, MVS, Cinepolis, Ramírez Organization, Camino Real, Quinta Real, Altos Hornos de México, Ferrocarriles Mexicanos , Aceros Corey, Pisa Laboratories, Anderson's Group, Tres Marías, Real del Mar Resort, CMIC, etc. 


MEDIAQUEST is currently promoting   "Looking at Heaven" , an epic drama based on a true-life event, about the life of the holy child José Sánchez del Río, canonized by the Pope Francisco, in October 2016.  For information

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